Memorandum of Understanding cooperation to be assigned between Iran and Lithuania
According to the report of ICCIM's Public Relations, introducing Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines Dr. Nahavandian announced: "Middle East Has already had an important role in the history and also from the view point of economy includes different categories of countries.  Some groups of countries are known as the oil economy and the other groups don't have this feature but looking at the future and considering the dynamics, productivity and growth potential, Iran has had a particular location."

Stating that Iran's young and educated population in comparison with other countries of the region's human capital is high, the head of ICCIM restated: "The importance of young population is more than natural resources."

He also added: "Iran's Geopolitical position and to be located between the Caspian and Persian Gulf add to its importance and this makes that Iran to be the best network for access to Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Iran is one of the world's largest economies and if a country wants to be associated with the Middle East, Iran is one of the best options for access to those countries."

Pointing to the Iranian economy to move from state to private sector, the President of ICCIM assessed the ICCIM'S role as a representative of the private sector in economic life.

In continues of this meeting issues of cooperation between Iranian and Lithuanian companies were discussed and Memorandum of Understanding cooperation was signed between two chambers.

Sid Laskas, Director General of Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, described the structure and organization of Lithuania Chamber.

He also posed issues like having 3000 SMEs companies as the chambers' members, the creation of the Unions' chambers of 5 regional chambers in this country, voluntary membership of the members and the role of this chamber in country's economy and offset a part of the impacts of the global financial crisis.

He added; "Despite the 25 percent production loss due to global crisis, last year Lithuania's economy was growing and economic growth in this country is increasing."

Pointing to the Lithuania's efforts to find new markets, especially in the Middle East region he announced of starting relation with Syria and Jordan and attempts to make relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE in this regard.

After this meeting also the presidents of two chambers presented in ICCIM's sound studio and jointly participated in interview and presenting reports of their talks.

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