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Piroozi Motor Oil Company is a Lubricant Manufacturing Company Registered in Kiasar industrial town - Mazandaran - IR-IRAN, on April 2002. Our products are manufacture using the mineral and synthetic virgin base oils of different groups and high quality certified additive packages to meet all international standards.

With a primary focus on the GCC, Middle East, Far East, Africa, CIS Countries, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Piroozi Motor Oil Company is uniquely positioned to lead in manufacturing, development and marketing in the nascent regional and international markets and to provide unmatched level of supports and services for its customers.

Our main products are Gear Oils, Industrial Oils, Grease, Brake Fluid, Antifreeze/Coolant and Screen wash Fluid. Also you can choose from a broad scale of products or from products on measure according to your specifications. We deliver not only each kind of lubricant in each desired quantity but also the packing in your house style, the logistics and the knowledge. Moreover we can advise you about all aspects of your product. Our mission is to create value for our customers by providing responsible lubrication solutions for the benefit of people, machinery and the environment. We lubricate all kinds of vehicles on and off road, in city traffic, in the forests, deep down in mines and on the racetrack. We know what it takes for a high performance engine oil to deliver maximum function with minimal harm to the environment.

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